The 3 Greatest Sniper Games For Your iPhone and iPad

Many of us are suckers for good old gunplay and there is no better way to indulge ourselves than by playing sniper games that have been known to impress. Now there are a few out there that sniper game lovers regularly return to even if half a dozen new games threaten to attempt to replace them.

There’s nothing like the classics especially if there are few in number. Playing games on your iPhone or iPad is the new thing on our minds lately and so here are the top 3 sniper games.

Sniper Vs Sniper – A Game To Watch Out For


This game allows you to interact with other players that might be practically anywhere in the world, logged in at the same time. There are a lot of obstacles that need to be overcome as you progress and it is not child’s play by the looks of it.

However there is a drawback that puts some players off which is the control scheme. It simply could have been better but players try to make the most of it. Sometimes it so happens that you cannot shoot on time precisely because of the inadequacy of this feature. But it’s great when you are able to make a winning shot.

As Good As It Gets: Call Of Mini: Sniper


This game revolves around overcrowding of all your favorite enemies and it is your task to put them in their graves for good. Whether you are able to do that or not depends entirely on your strategic skills.

You will also have to decide through the course of this game whether you can handle the long haul or you’re done right at the beginning. It isn’t easy but the fight is the challenge and that is where all the fun is at and you will love it.

There is good scoping available as a feature and you can just shoot zombies anywhere you like at your discretion for fun. You can practice reflexes and quick responses to attack and you are good to go. Zombies are there for the killing and you have to save the world anyway you can.

This game has significantly high ratings and is known to be real addictive but if you are diehard fan of zombies or killing them more like, this is the game for you, no questions asked.

The Third Best: iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare


Playing this sort of game on your phone is great for when you are waiting somewhere or caught in an unpleasant situation or when you are stressed. It is great for letting off some of your baggage as it lets you exterminate zombie threats and really get ahead with saving what’s left of the world.

There is no telling how distracted you might get if you’re playing this game at work. There are some drawbacks in this game but they can be easily overlooked in view of all the good points. Firstly you are going to be a player with an extremely disappointing and almost idiotic name. But if you can get past this little glitch you will probably really enjoy where the storyline of the game takes you.


When you play sniper games on your iPhone or iPad you will love the graphics and how fast the games are on your devices. However, sniper games on other devices such as sniper games on a samsung or android tablet is also extremely fun.

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