The Best Zombie Games Around

One way to blow off some steam in today’s world when we get back home all tired and angry is by playing good Zombie games that have a well-thought out storyline and great graphics to back them up. It is also a tried and tested way to relieve stress and practice one’s reflexes while actually refraining from killing a real person.

The games mentioned below are the best as far as Zombie games are concerned and they are vastly enjoyed by most of the zombie game enthusiasts.

The Best Games In The Business

If you are an enthusiast, you will definitely have really high values of what you expect in a zombie game. The games mentioned below are just what you have been looking for as they have the most impressive graphics and the greatest game play to keep you involved till you actually finish the game.

Firstly We Have Dead Rising


Dead Rising is a game that has garnered much attention since it was released and by many it is considered to be the zombie game that no game enthusiast can live without. Try it out for yourself and watch yourself get addicted bad. You will just end up loving this zombie game.

This game was developed for the Xbox 3 and has become massively popular with its users. The graphics are so impressive that you can actually or figuratively look inside the mind of the enemy through their expressions and actions. In this game, zombies have personality and you get all the thrill in the world when you take them down.

The Next Best Thing: Resident Evil

This game is believed to be a real trendsetter as far as games about zombies are concerned. Having bagged a movie franchise as well, you can bet there is a pretty good story to go with all the noise and gunfire.

You cannot claim to like Zombie games if you haven’t played this one. This game comes in many versions and you can play it on your personal computer if you’d like and also on your PlayStation along with on Xbox models.

The game has had many parts so far and diehard gamers like nothing better than the next challenge as far as this particular breed of infectious zombies is concerned.

‘Zombies Ate My Neighbours’ – A Game To Be Loved

This is another game that has Zombie games everywhere shuddering. The killer game play and the storyline are enough to get even the most cynical of us hooked and we all know how addictive these sorts of games can be.

This game showed up approximately 15 years back and it has dominated the genre to some extent since then and gathered a somewhat huge following. There are monsters getting their heads bashed in and the ever present hope of zombie extermination.

This game plays out all your senses and tactical skills and no matter what happens you don’t want the game to end the wrong way. This sort of game takes over your mind and makes you desperate to win and end the zombie threat forever.


The most painful words to see on your gaming screen are that the game is over but that doesn’t stop you from starting all over from scratch and doing it right this time. Sometimes it just takes practice plus patience and in time you will be surprised at just how good you get with playing zombie games online.

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