The Best Online Zombie Games

If you want to Play zombie games but don’t know which zombie games are the best then today you are in for a treat. Today I am going to tell you about the best online zombie games and where you can play them.

What are zombie games?

I am sure that most of you might get scared when you hear the word zombie. However, the truth is that not all zombie games are scary and horrifying.

By definition, Zombies are basically dead people who come back to life and then try to kill normal people. Zombies like to eat the human flesh but in some games zombies also eat some other things such as coins and gold. Zombie games are fun to play and they are very engaging.

Famous zombie games

These days you can find hundreds of zombie games online. Some of them are very interesting whereas other might be monotonous and boring. Here is a list of my all time favorite zombie games.


1. Doom – Doom is undoubtedly one of the oldest zombie games. Till date, this game has 3 versions available in the market. The most recent version of this game was titled Doom 3. The USP of doom 3 is its graphics and game play. While playing this game don’t be scared by the horrifying zombies as they might try to eat you alive.

2. Left for dead – left for dead is another popular zombie game. This game has 4 editions and the latest edition is called Left for dead 4. Left for dead 4 is the best edition by far out of all the left for dead editions. The 4th edition of this game offers some novel features such as single player, team play, improved graphics and cooperative play.

3. Dead Rising – this game is considered as probably one of the best zombie games in the market. Initially this game was only available on the Xbox 360 but later it became available for play online. This game has the most diverse kinds of zombies. The graphics of this game are also very impressive.

4. They Hunger – They Hunger is one of the most underrated online games. This game was specifically created for the computer. Despite the fact that its recognition is not widespread, it cannot be unnoticed. This game is highly recommended for people who like to play zombie games.

5. Zombie Panic – Zombie panic is the most appropriate game for you if you like to play light weight online games. It is a multiplayer game which is fun to play. The story line of this game is simple; all you have to do is kill the zombies.

Websites to play zombie games

There are various websites that allow you to play online zombie games. The following are some of the best websites:

1. (5 out of 5 stars, best zombie site, in my personal opinion)
2. (5 out of 5 stars)
3. (4 out of 5 stars)
4. (4 out of 5 stars)
5. (3 out of 5 stars)

Keep in mind that I have mentioned just a few zombie games. You can find hundreds of other zombie games online but is highly recommended because they have a big selection and they also have many with awesome graphics.


The bottom line is that most online zombie games are very interesting and enticing. Don’t be scared to play zombies games just enjoy them.

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