So…. who’s excited about Prototype? ME! I can’t wait for this game. I’ve been following it for awhile now and, let’s face it, it looks awesome. The whole concept is fantastic… open world, cutting people in half, destroying things, cutting people in half, throwing cars, cutting people in half, jumping really high, cutting people in half. See the trend? I’m not a violent person, mainly because games let me vent that violence. So, you can probably see why I’m excited for this game.

On another note, I played inFamous earlier during the week. It’s a good game, nice concept, artistic style etc… But I couldn’t help feel it was filling a void. I know there’s a big debate on which’ll be better, inFamous or Prototype. I’m reserving that judgement for now, but I think Prototype will have its work cut-out. inFamous is the type of game that makes you want to get a PS3! Since I don’t own one personally, I was VERY tempted to buy one. Only the price stood in the way! 400 euro! Maybe next year, I’ll just stick to the office one for now. Could that be inFamous’ downfall? And, are console-specific games bad for the industry?

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