Step up your gaming with Logitech keyboard

It may not be considered necessary addition for the PlayStation 3, but a solid keyboard provides a new dimension to the system and boosts what can be done with the big black box.

From the ability to type in information to logging on to Faceoffgames and challenging others for euros, a solid keyboard goes from cute novelty to complete necessity quickly.

The beauty of this piece of equipment is that it eliminates time gamers used to simply write off as the cost of playing. Instead of having to hunt-and-peck messages to friends and stats for characters, the keyboard makes it a quick and painless process. Conversations can now flow and the game won’t be stopped.

More importantly, it’ll be easier to win some money via the Faceoffgames challenge system. The PS3 boasts a decent little web browser, so just log on to Faceoffgames, hook up with some of your friends, work out the terms of a challenge and then get going. Better yet, if your friends are on the PlayStation Network, just set up the terms beforehand, work it out on Faceoffgames, and then make some money.

To do these things, however, a solid keyboard is crucial.

The big dog for keyboards right now is the Logitech Cordless MediaBoard Pro. Going for $79.99 in the U.S., the MediaBoard Pro features Bluetooth technology, fully integrated touch pad, and easy access to the X and O buttons. The Bluetooth means the keyboard will hook up easily to the PS3 and will work pretty much anywhere in the house. Clearly, the MediaBoard Pro is the Cadillac of the PS3 keyboards.

But if you’re looking to save some scratch, may I direct you to some of the more affordable options?

The original Logitech Cordless MediaBoard Keyboard can be found for the $50-$65 range. It features USB connectivity so gamers may not experience the unfettered freedom of Bluetooth, but it’ll get the job done.

For those who like to text, we salute you

For the more text-inclined, Sony offers its Wireless Keyboard which latches on to the PS3 controller for about $50. The controller features Bluetooth and a small touchpad, but its telling feature is the full QWERTY keyboard for use with the thumbs.

I’m not sure about the design on this one, but then again, I’m not one who sends millions of text messages a day. If you’re one of those people who talks in shorthand and starts shaking when away from your cell phone for three minutes, this may be the right one for you.

Sure, you could stick with your DUALSHOCK controller, if you have an extra 30 minutes to kill securing a Faceoffgames challenge letter by painstaking letter.

Or, just get a keyboard. You can make up the money in about four FIFA 10 games online.

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