The Greatest Games For Murdering Zombies

Everyone loves the idea of zombies. Previously we could only enjoy them in overrated movies where the storyline would drag on and ultimately bore us to death. Now however, there are great zombie game sites out therelthat we can play that absolutely forbid boredom and that provide a generally more interactive experience and allow you to really enjoy yourself.

Knowing A Good Game From A Bad One

There are a few features that are only found in good games and the graphics quality is one of them. The storyline and the way it progresses is also vital to maintain the interest of a gamer that may have seriously high expectations. If you are one of those users, you may want to take a look at the games outlined below as they are some of the best.

A Trendsetter – Left 4 Dead 2


This game is serious business and if you are a lover of this sort of monster genre, you are definitely going to fall in love with this one. The part 2 of this game followed the first part shortly after and they have both been really popular ever since the release into the gamers’ market.

This game is playable on your Mac computer as well as your PC and it caters to the Xbox 360 as well. Play this game and take on the challenge and see if you can prevent your head from getting eaten off.

Second Place: Red Dead Redemption-Undead Nightmare

This is a relatively new game in the sphere and you can play it on your PlayStation 3 or your Xbox 360 and it is guaranteed to make you go crazy. There is a lot going on in it and it keeps the player completely involved with all the blood, gunfire and good old plain self-preservation. If you want to win you have got to win against the system and you guessed it, the system is bloodthirsty zombies.

This game has zombie hunters that are hungry and you get to be in on the fun in the most center stage like way possible. You get to use special weapons that have been taken from strange sources and really just try your hand at this kind of warfare. It is totally addictive and there is no way you can walk out of this. Not alive anyway.

Botanical Fun – Plants Vs Zombies

This game plays on the concept that veggies can protect us from the bad guys. The bad guys in this situation being the zombies that badly want to eat our flesh. It is battle till the last one falls and we’ve got the plants on our side for good.

In this game you have got a really good gameplay and it allows you to see just how powerful the zombies actually can get if they are in close proximity to you. They will use any means open to them and it helps to be prepared. The fight never lets out till you have beaten them all and in the game world they are calling all the shots.

You can play this wonderful game on your Android Phone, PS3, PC, as well as your Xbox 360. You aren’t likely to meet any enthusiasts of zombie gaming that haven’t tried to play this game at least once.


There are lots of zombie games that you can find online or either for your phone. You can spend hours playing them and be amazed at all of the graphics and things that take place during a zombie game.

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